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Going to school, even an online school, can be a very expensive venture. Grants and loans help with costs, but scholarships are the best way to pay for school because they do not have to be paid back or owed to anyone. Below is a list of scholarships for distance learning students.

Dawn Drake Excellence in Education Scholarship

The University of Wisconsin Platteville offers a distance learning scholarship specific to online students pursuing an educational degree. It is offered by a private entity and can be awarded to nearly any online student participating in the specific degree program. The scholarship is based solely on financial need with a preference going to minorities and individuals that exhibit higher than average academic success. It is also preferential to students that succeeded in many different areas in high school including sports, philanthropy and extracurricular activities.

Tulane University Distance Learning Scholarship

The Tulane University provides scholarship opportunities for students pursuing public health degrees in occupational and environmental health. These scholarships are not given out from the actual university, but are awarded from various organizations that work together with the university to provide online students the opportunity to succeed in one of these fields. These organizations also offer post-university opportunities for students that participated in the scholarship programs. These scholarships are both need and merit based; they are given to students that exhibit exceptional environmental and occupational health knowledge and to students that have a willingness to help the community.

Southern Illinois Distance Extended Campus Distance Learning Scholarship

The Southern Illinois University offers scholarships for its distance learning extended campus program. The scholarship is a financial need only based scholarship and is designed to help students reach their career goals. The scholarship requires a minimum GPA and a two paragraph essay on why the scholarship will help the student achieve their specific academic and career goals. There are two scholarships offered at each distance learning campus and are provided for students in any degree program. The scholarship awards $250 to the students that it chooses for the financial need scholarship program.

Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning Scholarship

The Christian based Moody Bible Institute offers a variety of scholarships for its distance learning students. These scholarships vary greatly, but are designed to help students succeed at nearly any degree path they have chosen to pursue through online courses. Moody Bible Institute has specific requirements including that students must be United States citizens, they must maintain a grade point average and they must uphold the standards that are set into place by the Christian based institute, whether on or off campus. The scholarships are awarded in amounts from $500 up to a full scholarship for the entire degree program. 

UNICAF MBA Scholarships

The UNICAF scholarship provides opportunities for underprivileged African students. It is a a financial need based scholarship, but students must demonstrate their merit in order to earn the scholarship. Certain requirements, including GPA maintenance and philanthropic endeavors must be upheld in order for the scholarship to remain active. This scholarship is a large scale one and will help with between $8,000 and $10,000 of the education. This large amount will help students by only having them pay around $2,000 for their entire college education.

The University of Alabama Continuing Studies Distance Learning Scholarships
The University wants its Bama by Distance students to succeed with their distance learning needs. It offers over 20 different scholarships for students participating in online studies that are all in partnership with private entities. These scholarships are designed to help nearly anyone be able to afford an education at The University of Alabama through distance learning. The requirements generally include United States citizenship, GPA maintenance and some sort of philanthropic work. The scholarships are given out on both merit and financial need basis; awardees of the scholarships will be determined by the private scholarship foundations.

Bemidji State Distance Learning Scholarships

Bemidji State in Minnesota offers scholarship opportunities for online and distance learning students. These scholarships are given out on both need and merit basis. The scholarships are specific to online learning students. These students will not be in competition with physical campus students. The scholarships range in value from $500 to $2000. There are certain requirements which must be met including an essay about why the scholarship will be helpful, a minimum grade point average and maintenance of good standing with the college campus.

Open University of Mauritius Distance Learning Scholarships

The Open University provides scholarships to both merit and financial need based students. These scholarships are dependent upon various things including citizenship, grade point averages and willingness to participate in distance learning. The scholarships are awarded to exceptional individuals. Priority is given to minorities and students that are within the poverty income brackets to ensure equal opportunity.

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