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Online Students’ Hub is an online platform for students who wish to either study abroad in another country other than his or her country or study online from home. The student may also want to consider a blended learning option which is a combination of the two other options above.

Mission Statement

  • Online Students’ Hub is here to make sure you get the latest and up-to-date information on the best and cheapest study abroad destinations and best accredited, affordable and flexible online schools and programs.
  • We treat your enquiries or concerns with urgency.
  • Review of scholarships for international students are also available.

Vision Statement

Online Students’ Hub envisions a future where our satisfied clients will be willingly recommend us to anyone who is in need of the services we render; we hope to create impacts that will the company’s name on the lips of the world.

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Benefits of Using Online Students’ Hub

  • Reliable information from original source ( schools’ website ).
  • Timely response to enquiries and concerns.
  • Easy to use or navigate.
  • Regularly updated.
  • Fast in loading.

Features of Our Homepage

Site Title

Online Students’ Hub is the title of this blog.


Just below the title is the site description which tells you what to expect from this website.

Menu Bar

After the site description, you have the menu bar that contains links to pages and different post categories on this site.

Individual Posts

Below the menu bar to the left depending on your device, are the individual posts; you can open any to see the full content. The topmost posts are the most recent ones.

Navigation Tab

Just below the last post when you scroll down is the navigation tab; click on it to navigate to the next page of individual posts.

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To the right hand side;

a) Search bar

Type in any keyword that is in line with our contents to find what you want quickly.

b) Most Viewed Posts

This is a list of posts that earns the highest all-time views.

c) Recent Posts

These are the list of recently published posts.

d) Categories Tab

Just below recent posts is the categories tab. Click on it to reveal the 13 categories that make-up this website. When you click on any of the categories, it will take you to a page that contains the category’s description and posts under that category. It is an alternative to the menu bar, the only difference is that categories contains only posts and not pages. Pages are where you find our Privacy Policy Statements, Contact information etc.

e) Popular Posts

After categories tab, lies the list of popular posts. These are posts viewed by site visitors for the day, and the number of times they were viewed.

f) Facebook Page Link

The last thing you will see on the right is the site’s Facebook page link; follow this link to like Us on Facebook and get our updates each time we share posts. Click on the Sign-up button.

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Features of a Content Page or Individual Post

When you click on any post, the only change you will notice is on the left flank; the top and right flank remains the same.

  • Post Title is the first thing you will see immediately after the menu bar.
  • Image; post image is what follows.
  • Content; then the main content is next.
  • After the contents, you will see the sharing buttons; you can use these buttons to share our post on your Facebook or Twitter and any other social network with your friends.
    It is not compulsory, it’s just a way you can appreciate Us, thank you!
  • Below the sharing buttons lies the tag line; this classifies the post you read.
  • The next feature is the author’s profile with the number of articles the author has published.
  • Below the author’s profile, is the post navigational tab; this tab takes you to either the post before or after the one you have just read. You can see previous and next tabs.

The last feature but not the least is the comment box. Drop your comments and let us know what you think about the post you have read and if there is any suggestion from you. You can also thick the “notify me of new post” box to get updates on any new post on the site, and if you enable the “notify me of follow up comments” box to get notifications on our replies to your comment and that of others.

After you are done, you can return to homepage to check out other posts; just scroll to the rectangular black bar (menu bar) at the top, and click on “Home”, it will take you to the homepage. You can also follow this link to get to the homepage – https://www.onlinestudentshub.com


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