Affordable Colleges in Canada for International Students with Tuition Fees

Are you considering Canada as a study abroad destination but wondering if it could be possible on a low budget? Some colleges like Seneca College, Niagara College, Bow valley college, Fanshewa college, Lethbridge college etc, offer quality education at very affordable tuition fees for international students in Canada. Read on, and make a choice that suites you.

Seneca College, Canada

Seneca college - Affordable Colleges in Canada for International Students with Tuition Fees

Seneca college is a public institution located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The financial expenses of this great institution is very low and affordable. They offer both full and part time programs.

The tuition fee for international students is very reasonable like earlier stated. However, international students will pay a non-refundable application fee. This is no doubt the only fee Seneca charges to submit an application to the institution. The application fee is currently at $65 (cdn)

Approximately, Seneca fee per year is $13,000. Every student applying to study in Seneca should budget about $1000 per month for living cost.

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Niagara College, Canada

Niagara college - Affordable Colleges in Canada for International Students with Tuition Fees

Niagara college, established in 1967 with Dr. Dara Patterson as president with major affiliate with renowned organization like CCAA, ACCC, AUCC and a whole lots of others not mentioned. But when it comes to matters of tuition fee, the institution is very considerate especially to international students.

One of the reasons why you should consider applying to study in Niagara is perhaps because of the scholarship and grant award usually bestowed on merited students.

12 hour credit; $2040.00 (Spring an Summer only) All summer students are expected to pay per credit hour with no maximum charge while part time candidates especially those in the UK are to pay $170.00 per credit per semester. New York and international students on the other hand are expected to pay $420.00 per credit hour.

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Bow Valley College, Canada

Bow Valley College - Affordable Colleges in Canada for International Students with Tuition Fees

When looking for low tuition Universities in Canada, Bow valley university always have a space to be included. According to recent stats, international students aiming to study in Bow Valley college might pay an estimate of $6000 to $11,234 as tuition fee, with material access to tutor support, internet/computer without an inclusion of textbooks.

Not only is the institution low on tuition fee but also, the cost of living very reasonable to an extent.

One of the major reasons why Bow Valley College have remained outstanding among all institutions in Canada is it’s organized refund department.

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