Review of Top Five Word Processing Programs; Some are for Free

Word Processing Programs like Microsoft Word, Pages, Textilus etc serve a lot of purpose; from typing a simple letter to creating a great world renowned novel, you can’t do without either of these Processors. This post focuses on the features of the best five word processing programs of all times. Continue Reading

How to Apply for Scholarships for International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students – Complete Guide

Many educational institutions and universities give free scholarships and grants to international students studying abroad in countries like UK, Austria, Australia, China , Canada , the United States etc. This includes virtually all accredited public, nonprofit and privately-owned–for-profit post-secondary institutions, and both undergraduate and postgarduate scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions During Scholarships Applications

Are you applying for any scholarship? You need to ask yourself the following questions and get the right answers first before proceeding with filing your application. Today, as international Students’ friend, I decided to gather such questions asked by students while filling their scholarship forms and giving possible answers. Questions Continue Reading

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