How to Apply for Scholarships for International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students – Complete Guide

Many educational institutions and universities give free scholarships and grants to international students studying abroad in countries like UK, Austria, Australia, China , Canada , the United States etc. This includes virtually all accredited public, nonprofit and privately-owned–for-profit post-secondary institutions, and both undergraduate and postgarduate scholarships.

Latest Admission Requirements for International Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD Students at the Universities in Hungary

  Students in Hungary are ranked based on their ability to meet specific program requirements. This ranking can take into consideration the student’s grade point average from previous studies and even work experience if applying for specific programs that require it. Therefore, always check with your university/colleges in Hungary about the Continue Reading

Why Study Engineering in Australia as an International Student?

  There are no fields of study without challenges, but some have it more than others; Engineering is not an exception. There are still some countries whose universities offer quality education despite these challenges. If you are considering applying to universities for your engineering degree let us have a look Continue Reading

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