Admissions News Updates - Faculty of Law, University of Toronto Canada

Admissions News Updates – Faculty of Law, University of Toronto Canada


If you are thinking of re-applying for 2020 please note that;

  • the 2020 application opens at OLSAS on August 23rd 2019 and closes on Nov 1st 2019

  • a brand new application is to be submitting including supporting documents as OLSAS does not retain application documents from one cycle to the next

  • in Canada and the USA, the LSAT will be offered in digital format only starting with the September 2019 test, refer to the LSAT website for full details. See


As you are well aware, the three core admissions considerations are (in no order of importance):

  • the post-secondary academic record
  • the LSAT
  • the person profile

These elements are not interchangeable since they assess different things. Successful candidates are strong on each of the elements.

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A self-examination of your submission on each element should in many instances indicate where there may be room for improvement. 

Where is it not markedly clear, there will be a considerable number of strong candidates for whom there will be nothing to point to for improvement. Quite simply, as much as we would like, we do not have the space to be able to accept all of the strong candidates.

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On the numerical measures, the metrics for 2019 admission are not available until early September, just after the entering class has begun. The prior year’s metrics are published online and vary only slightly, so there’s a strong likelihood that the 2019 metrics will be similar.

As we have described on our admissions website and in our JD admissions guide, the numerical measures are only two-thirds of the consideration. Therefore it may very well be instead, that the person profile is where attention should be directed for improvement. In which case, the most significant item(s) will be the Personal Statement (and optional Essay), rather than the autobiographical sketch. 

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If your goal is to become a lawyer then you will receive a good legal education at any of the Canadian law schools.  We hope that you were prudent and applied to more than one law school since admission to another law school takes you closer to that goal. 

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